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- What were you afraid of?

- People. Live ones.

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hope163 said: ha im just in the same …. i ordered the basic one and now i kinda think hm maybe the bigger is better. cause it gets very fast full. i would by the bigger one. especially if u do photos/videos stuff. i gonna buy the 256gb

I just bought the 13 inch with the biggest storage space. So I pretty much just spent over $2000 that I don’t have. lol But I need it so we’ll see. I don’t have much experience working on an apple so I might struggle a bit until I get used to it.

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"Canción de las simples cosas"



"Canción de las simples cosas"


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So I’m buying a MacBook Pro. 13 inch with the Retina thing. But I just don’t know if to get the basic or the one with maximum storage space?
That’s considering that I’m applying to Film school for Grad School. 

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Any good Rizzles fics in which they are a family and have children? Or in which one of them is pregnant? Thanks!

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